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Our current clients love Silverback for its flexibility to fit their current business focus. Silverback’s AI tools allow for a call center to quickly pivot their managements focus between sales enhancement, compliance, or education with a few button clicks. This drastically minimizes the staffing required to manually audit call logs, track down data, and execute initiatives.
Yes. Silverback software allows for keyword and sentiment customization to fit your respective industry.
Silverback cost is based upon the number of agent seats required and number of minutes used per month. Speak to an account manager for trial offers and an exact quote.
Silverback operates through the cloud allowing for additional agent seats to be added at any time. During peak call congestion times our software will automatically utilize additional servers and infrastructure to accommodate the influx of volume.
We offer a full in-house tech team to assist you in walking through each step of the setup process. If necessary, we also offer on-site implementation and coaching assistance (travel fees may apply).
Silverback allows you to fully customize the keywords and rules that are relevant to your call center. The implementation of additional keywords is a very simple process. New keywords will automatically be added to the call-to-text transcriptions for easy searching.

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