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George Wayne Goodwin is a North Carolina politician and current chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party. He was elected North Carolina Commissioner of Insurance in the 2008 election and re-elected in 2012. As Commissioner, Goodwin saved North Carolina consumers, individuals, families and businesses more than $2.4 billion resulting from his decisions on rate cuts, refunds, rebates and restitution. Commissioner Goodwin made national and statewide news when North Carolina, regularly in the top six or seven states before and during his administration, had improved even more to become the one state in all the United States with the lowest automobile insurance premiums On February 11, 2017 he was elected as Chairman of the North Carolina Democratic Party on the first ballot with 92% of the vote among four candidates.

Goodwin previously served as a Democratic member of the North Carolina General Assembly representing the state’s sixty-eighth House district, including constituents in Richmond and Stanly counties. His prior district — the 32nd House district — also included Scotland and Montgomery Counties.
An attorney from Hamlet, North Carolina, Goodwin was a Morehead Scholar and US Senate/William Randolph Hearst Scholar. He graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with honors in Political Science, where he was a member of the Dialectic and Philanthropic Societies and then went on to graduate from the UNC School of Law.

Wayne Goodwin is married to Melanie Wade Goodwin, who also served three terms in the legislature. They have two children. In 2007 he began operation of his own political blog. Additionally, Goodwin is the past president of the North Carolina Center for Voter Education, a Raleigh-based nonprofit and nonpartisan organization dedicated to improving elections and strengthening civic engagement in North Carolina. He is also popular on the speaking circuit, sought after by churches, business groups, schools, non-profits and fellow political candidates.

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