Supplemental Health Insurance Plans

If you’re looking for a supplemental health insurance company, Insurance Care Direct can help you choose between the many different types of supplemental health insurance plans. The most common are major medical supplements, Medicare (known as Media), critical illness and specific disease, long-term care (LTC), hospital indemnity, and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D). Insurance Care Direct will guide you in deciding if supplemental coverage is appropriate for you and, if so, which insurance carrier and supplemental health insurance plan will best fit your needs and budget. As it is imperative to first have an excellent primary health plan , we will help you choose from only the country’s highest-rated insurance companies. Our qualified agents will help you compare supplemental health insurance and coordinate with your primary insurance to find the best plan.

Traditional Medical Insurance

Since traditional major medical insurance policies have deductibles and co-insurance that must be paid at the time of service, some policies have extra-cost supplemental options which cover all or part of the out-of-pocket expenses. A supplemental health insurance company that specializes in such coverage may sell other supplemental policies separately. Some pre-existing conditions that are not covered by a major medical policy may be covered to some degree by a supplemental health insurance plan.

One of the supplemental health insurance plans is Medigap. These plans are so-named because they fill in the gaps in standard Medicare plans. There are many levels of such coverage including the recently introduced Medicare Part D for prescription medications.

Critical illness plans provide a lump sum cash payout if one is stricken with, most commonly, a heart attack cancer or a stroke. A supplemental plan which pays out for one condition such as cancer is often referred to as a disease-specific policy.

Long term care plans offer coverage for those who need medical and/or non-medical care for either chronic illnesses or disabilities on an ongoing basis. Such services may be provided at home or in an assisted living facility (ALF) or nursing home. Medicare does not cover long term care such as bathing or assistance with dressing oneself, often referred to as custodial care. It pays only for medically necessary skilled nursing or home health care. The cost of supplemental LTC coverage is directly proportional to the services provided ranging from low cost community-based services to the extremely high cost of ongoing care in a nursing home.

Hospital Health Insurance Plans

Hospital indemnity plans simply provide for cash payments to the policy holder for each day of in-patient hospitalization and often for specific surgical procedures as well.

AD&D insurance offers cash payments for only accidental loss of life or in the event of accidental loss of a limb or eyesight.

Insurance Care Direct is not a supplemental health insurance company, but a full-service insurance brokerage. Our health insurance specialists only offer coverage from the top carriers in the nation and will assist you in coordinating appropriate and affordable primary and supplemental health insurance plans. Our one-stop-shop is open from 9;00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. EST Monday through Friday. Call today for your free health insurance quote .

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  1. Alfredo Ferrer says:

    I’m looking for supplemental insurance to cover my out-of-pocket expenses from my actual medical plan.

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  2. John C. Prell says:

    I anticipate retiring at the end of this year and I want supplemental health care insurance as a backup when I transition from employer insurance to Medicare. A big concern is prescription coverage. I’m in good health and physical condition but I regularly take 6 prescription meds. related primarily to blood pressure and allergies. I’m 72 years old. I have a pacemaker that’s only for heart rate that tends to spike up and down without one. I’ve looked at the Medicare Advantage plans and they look too restrictive. Currently I have UHC from my employer and Medicare is secondary. My wife is on Medicare, with secondary insurance on her own UHC plan as a BOA retiree. Thank you for any guidance you may suggest.

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  3. Jimmy Slover says:

    My question is: I am looking for a supplemental insurance company to off set my high meds cost. Are you the one i am looking for?

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  4. charles swanson says:

    I have insurance thru my work with ODS Alaska. My wife has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and having treatments. Can I get supplemental insurance?

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  5. says:

    How much time did it acquire you to create “Supplemental Health Insurance Plans | Instant Health Insurance Quotes”?
    It comes with a bunch of fantastic advice. Thanks
    a lot ,Vickey

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