Student Health Insurance

Although college students have always had health insurance policies available to them, more and more states and colleges themselves are now making such coverage mandatory. Such student health insurance is quite affordable with individual premiums running around $1000 per year, while deductibles are nominal, perhaps $250-500 per year. Student health insurance, offered by Insurance Care Direct, is designed to provide basic protection for day-to-day sickness and injuries which may occur after the policy’s effective date. Routine examinations are usually not covered and pre-existing conditions normally have a six month waiting period before they are covered. Acceptance is guaranteed for qualified students taking a minimum number of credits. Vision and dental services may or may not be included, although prescriptions are covered and most often on a tiered system with annual limits usually around $1000.

Health Insurance For College Students Is Necessary

College student health insurance does not cover elective or cosmetic medical procedures. When medical services are rendered at the SHC (student health center) deductibles are usually waived and the costs are often covered 100%. Some medical services such as annual pap smears, annual physicals, required immunizations, and HPV vaccines are sometimes mandated to be provided at the SHC. Student health insurance is generally considered to have the advantages of a large group plan without the usual high cost large group insurance requires.

College Student Health Insurance

Many intercollegiate athletes will opt for an additional sports benefit package with specific coverage for injuries incurred while participating in such activities. Such additional benefits cost about $300-500 extra per year and have separate deductibles. Exclusions for sports coverage typically include heat exhaustion, hernia and appliances such as crutches. College student health insurance, offered by Insurance Care Direct, is affordable and offers good protection, but it is important to know that the limits of coverage are considerably lower than with traditional major medical. Student health insurance plans typically have policy limits of $100,000-500,000 while individual major medical plans usually have $1,000,000-5,000,000 limits. Insurance Care Direct intends to aggressively enter the student health insurance market within the next few months as its home state of Florida is among the first to make such coverage mandatory.

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