Privacy Policy

At Insurance Care Direct we understand how important your privacy is, and we are strongly committed in ensuring that your private information is kept protected. In order to keep your privacy secure, we follow very strict privacy practices, which are outlined below.

Your personal information is kept with us

Any information that is shared with our company, such as your name, phone number, email address, social security number, or credit card number is classified as personal information, as is your health and medical history. Any personal information is used only for the records of Insurance Care Direct and will not be sold, traded, or given away to any other companies.

We do collect personal information

We understand that it can be a bit uncomfortable to put any of your personal information on the internet, but it is necessary for us to collect personal information in order to serve you to the best of our abilities.
When you register with us we will begin collecting personal information, starting with your email address and your name. All of this information will be kept confidential and secure. 
If you choose to apply for health insurance through Insurance Care Direct, we will need other types of personal information, including health information relating to you or to any family member who is to be included on the application. This information will be necessary for your chosen insurance company, insurance agent, any administration or HAS trustees who need to process the application. We may additionally ask you for credit card or banking information which will be used by the HAS trustee, administrator, or insurance company that you have chosen in order for that company to collect any fees that may be associated with your application, or with your insurance premiums, once the application has been approved.

If we are trying to process your application, or to give you a quote on health insurance, we may need to contact you. You may be contacted through email or phone in order for our agents to collect more information from you, if necessary, or to give you a quote. You may also be emailed throughout the application process in order to inform you of the status of your application.

Exceptions when we would have to disclose your personal information

While keeping your personal information private is our first concern, there are certain circumstances in which we will need to disclose your personal information to a third party. These exceptions may include:
Service Providers – It may be necessary for our staff to provide personal information to other companies in order to help us process the insurance application, or to make it possible for us to correspond with you. For instance, it may be necessary for us to contact a third party in order to verify your credit card or the limit that is on it. Please rest assured in knowing that any companies we work with or hire are restricted in using any of your personal information for their own purposes, and are, in fact, contractually obligated to keep your personal information confidential.

Processing Information – If you chose to submit an application for an insurance policy, we will need to disclose your personal information to the insurance company that you have chosen in order to facilitate the processing of your application.

Anonymous Information

While we mainly gather personal information, we may also gather anonymous information. Anonymous information is considered to be information that does not identify you in any way. This information could be something such as the number of visitors that come to our website from certain states. This information is purely anonymous and is only collected in order to improve the services that we provide to our customers.

Notice of Information

Should our privacy policy change at any time, we will notify you of the changes that will be made. We value your privacy and will not use your personal information, aside from exceptions that have already been stated, without notifying you first.

Contacting Us

We make every effort to ensure that your privacy is kept confidential and protected. If you have any questions about our privacy policy, or would like to be assured that your personal information is safe go to “contact us” section of this website.

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