Our promise to you

The definition of health insurance is protection against medical costs. It is like a contract between an insurer and an individual or group, wherein the insurer provides coverage or promise of reimbursement for medical services in exchange for a specified premium.

Premium refers to the payment you have to make at a fixed time in exchange for the guarantee of protection provided by the insurance company. Insurance Care Direct is a company which represents the best and the highest rated health care insurance companies in the nation.

This company has a set of professional licensed brokers and agents, who on the basis of extensive studies and research are able to advice individuals to go for the best insurance available in the area which will suit their requirements and budget.

Our assurance to you

Insurance Care Direct has a reputation of being the best in this field for the past few years. This has been possible because we have certain business ethics and a set of rules which we adhere to very strictly and never compromise on.

Insurance Care Direct aims at providing its customers total support. It has the best customer support service which is why it has become one of the most popular insurance carriers in the US.

Here are a few services provided by Insurance Care Direct to its customers that makes it the number one service provider in this segment:

Always ready to help: Insurance Care Direct customer care staff are there 24/7 to answer any queries you may be having regarding your insurance needs like:

  • The various policies available
  • The premium fixed for each plan
  • Queries regarding claims
  • Billing or any other assistance connected to this

To make it simple for you: Many people are ignorant about insurances and its nuances. They know that they need a health insurance to safeguard themselves from heavy hospitalisation bills. They are not able to decide as to which product will best suit their needs. Our advisors help you to find the product best suited for you. They will recommend a plan where the premium to be paid will not unnecessarily burden you.

To provide the best rates: Although prices are fixed by the law. Insurance Care Direct promises to provide the best prices on products it sells so that the customer benefits.

A wide range to select from: Insurance Care Direct promises to give its customers a wide range of products to choose from. Each individual has different needs. A policy which suits the needs of one person may not be good for another. Insurance Care Direct  provides the largest selection of plans on line. In fact it provides an average of 10000 plans from 180 companies

Promise of total assistance: It is common knowledge that once a policy is purchased the service providers are likely to ignore their clients totally. Insurance Care Direct promises to assist its customers in all their needs from selecting the right policy , to issues regarding claims , billing etc.

The main aim of Insurance Care Direct is to make health care affordable and accessible for all. It is here more for service than business. You will not be asked to pay extra for the services provided by the company. All you have to pay for is the policy you have purchased. The company aims at spreading  awareness of the need for health insurance among all classes of people.

The company promises to be totally unbiased.It is here only to advice and assist you and will never force its opinion on you.

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  1. Donna L. Tutt says:

    Is it possible to get a list of insurance brokers that currently work for ICD, even if just by state?

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