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Good to Know!

Our services are provided at no extra cost to you!

The premium payed by you is all inclusive. The information provided on our website, the quotes and all other assistance extended are an extra service provided by your carrier. This is an extra benefit that you get for your association with a particular company. In fact it is more of a marketing strategy which aims at attracting more customers towards a particular company.

We never recommend plans based on
the compensation we receive from carriers

In spite of all these extras provided by different companies we follow certain principles like never forcing a customer to purchase a particular plan because the compensation plan of that company is better than the others. Every customer is given the liberty to select a plan which suits his needs. Our representatives and customer support staff are trained to assist the customer rather than intimidate him. In fact our representatives are paid uniformly based on predetermined pay scale regardless of which plan you have purchased. They are given absolutely no information about the compensation arrangements between us and the carrier, neither are they given any incentive to market one product over the other.

We are paid by the carriers we represent

A few health insurance carriers ask you to pay a small fee called one time application fee for certain plans. This fee is considerably low and usually ranges between 10 to 25 dollars. This amount is revealed to you before you apply for a particular plan. This fee goes entirely to the carriers and we get absolutely no commission or cuts on this. We get paid by the carriers only when you apply for health insurance and obtain health coverage through us on our website. The commission is calculated on the basis of several factors like the plan selected, the premium paid by the customer, the profit a company is able to make out of a particular policy, and the effectiveness of the advertisements by a particular website in attracting more customer. The placement of a particular product on our website is also taken into consideration when fixing the rate of commission.

There is a fixed standard with regard to the compensation arrangements in the insurance industry and comes in the form of commissions, bonuses, and travel incentives.

All the major insurance carriers have rivals in their field of operation which is common in any business. So they come up with better compensation packages like extra fees, which are unrelated to sales in order to procure a better placement on our site.

Commissions are usually paid to us based on the number of customers who apply for a certain product through our website. The commission differs for different plans and different carriers although there is a fixed standard regarding this. It is a common practice to fix the commission rate based on the percentage of premium paid by the customer. Some companies calculate the commission based on the number of customers that our company has been able to convince through our website to buy their products. This depends mainly on the aggressiveness and credibility of our company and the marketing ability of our representatives.

Bonuses are usually determined taking into consideration factors like number of customers who purchase products of a particular carrier. The lucrativeness of the plan purchased, to the carrier. And the most important factor considered while giving a bonus is the effectiveness of our company's advertising strategy in attracting customers.

Incentives It is a common practice in any business to provide incentives as a motivation for better service. Incentives vary from company to company. Some carriers offer foreign tours or exclusive holidays or some complimentary gift based on the number of customers who purchase their required products through us. These incentives motivate the agents to be more aggressive in the promotional activities.

Sponsored Plans Some carriers pay higher commissions or provide exclusive distribution rights in exchange for better placement of their products or plans on our website. Sponsered plans are more profitable to us. But we never over promote a particular plan for this reason only. We always disclose to the public information regarding the plans which are sponsored and those which are not.

The companies other than those which are subject to sponsorship plans are listed similarly on our website without favoring one over the other. The listings are usually based on alphabetical order, price, selling power, HSA eligibility etc.

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