Insurance Care Direct Expands Operations with New Website

One of the industry leaders in affordable health insurance policies for any number of personal or business needs Insurance Care Direct , has announced they are further expanding their online presence with a brand new website.

This latest addition to their already successful online business ventures will follow in the steps of the original Insurance Care Direct website in that all the navigation will be easy to follow and the content clear, informative and concise.

The important difference is that the new website located at will place the emphasis on the informative and well designed blogs that have been answering pertinent questions about health insurance for several years now. Their previous success with that internet marketing technique spurred the company on to place the emphasis there again with the new enterprise.

With a home base in Deerfield Beach, Florida, Insurance Care Direct was formed with the expressed intention of raising the bar on the kind of health insurance coverage that the average person could expect to get. As well as making the entire process more efficient and user friendly, the original founder of Insurance Car Direct brought a variety of useful disciplines to their endeavors.

Bringing expertise with them from both the medical and health insurance fields the founders set about to enlighten the general public about the easy of use the Internet provided when it came to getting the best health insurance quotes in the most timely and efficient manner.

To that end they were able to implement the free quotes system that became one of their flagship programs. The free quotes system at Insurance Care Direct operates on three principles that are easy to understand and operate. As well as being available on the original Insurance Care Direct website, the free quotes system is also available at

The customer designed quoting engine that will be used on both sites allows for the viewing of over 100 health insurance quotes simultaneously and for the lowest of those to be picked out and passed along to the customer.

Insurance Care Direct 
1096 E Newport Center Drive 
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442 

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