Family Health Insurance Plans

Insuring the health of one’s family provides great personal satisfaction and security. Comparing family health insurance plans can be either a relatively easy process or a difficult one depending on the knowledge of your agent and the choice of health insurance policies he or she has to offer you. Insurance Care Direct’s licensed agents will first make you comfortable discussing your family’s personal medical issues and will then direct you to an affordable family health insurance plan from an A-rated carrier that provides family health insurance coverage.

Tips for Getting the Most Affordable Health Insurance Company for Your Family

If you are currently enrolled in a group insurance plan at work, you may find the cost to add family members to be prohibitive. For affordable family health insurance coverage, in some cases, it may be best to enroll one’s family on a separate less expensive policy. Insurance Care Direct will guide you in this process, provide an affordable family health insurance quote, and can also assist you if you wish to leave your company’s plan during the annual enrollment periods.

Children may usually be included on a family health insurance plan until the age of 18, or until 24 if they are full-time students. Insurance Care Direct also has a carrier that will accept non-students over 18 under certain circumstances.

If you have been hesitating to inquire about health insurance for your family because of the high cost, you may be pleasantly surprised at the affordable health insurance coverage we regularly offer our clients. As Insurance Care Direct is appointed to the largest and highest-rated health insurance companies in the nation, we offer more choices than other independent brokers or agencies. Insurance Care Direct offers additional benefits to major medical policies such as maternity coverage, preventive care, and additional accident protection for your family.

Depending on one’s medical history we are able in many cases to get instant approvals, which is a first in health insurance history.

Call Insurance Care Direct or apply online today to get a free, no obligation affordable family health insurance quote. Give yourself and your loved ones the security that only an excellent family health insurance plan from a top-rated company can provide. Insurance Care Direct also provides individual, group, supplemental and short term health insurance as well as many life insurance products.

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