Coventry Health Care

Coventry Health Care Inc (NYSE: CVH) is based in Bethesda Maryland and it deals mainly in healthplans, insurance policies, network rental and workers compensation services. It provides its services to a large number of businesses, but its main business is in the field of health care. It is one of the popular insurance carriers in the US. What make it unique are its competitive insurance plans. It is popular for its high standards and superior customer service.  This company aims at providing a lot more to the customers than plain insurance. It provides its customers a lot of choices without being pushy and a superior customer service. It has a very unique and innovative way of dealing with various business opportunities and the company has managed to garner a lot of integrity in the business arena.

In fact here business is given a personal touch. It is more like a service than a business. Coventry is a young company. It was founded in the year 1986, but has come a long way in just a few years. It covers an area of 22 states. It has a membership of 4 million. Its networking is extended to over 4700 hospitals with 580000 allied health professionals. It is connected to 64000 retail pharmacy networks.

Though it is very young in this field it has received a lot of awards and accolades for its service in this field. Some of the feathers on its cap include:

  • Barron’s 500- Barron’s a Dow Jone business and financial week grades 500 public U S and Canadian companies based on their performance. This grading is done annually based on the sales statistics of the company. Coventry has managed to secure a place in this list from the year 2002 to 2007.
  • Business week 50 – Coventry was one of the companies listed in the 2006 – 2007 list of top performing companies.
  • Forbes Platinum- Coventry is listed in the Forbes platinum 400 which is based on long term and short term performance   or results of the company’s with revenue exceeding I billion dollars.
  • Fortune 500- This award is given on the basis of the company’s leadership and achievement. Coventry was elevated to 313 position in 2007.

Coventry was also ranked 14 in this field for providing highest returns to share holders over a period of 5 years. All the awards mentioned above are proof enough for Coventry’s expertise in this field. Consider Coventry and its policies and plans, the next time you are in need of insurance or similar services.

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