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Carriers and health insurance providers from Kentucky.

Humana One

Humana is a one stop shop for all your requirements related to health insurance. It has in its kitty a wide range of flexible and affordable insurance plans both for the individual as well as family. It offers a wide range of individual insurance plans that suit your needs whatever be your profession and financial status.

Humana One aims at providing low cost insurance plans to people who cannot afford the high end products. Here you are spoilt with choices. In fact you can customise your plan in such a way that it suits both your needs as well as your budget. With some plans you can save up to 50 % of your insurance costs. The customer service is simply too good. In fact it is said to have one of the best follow up service in this field.

Selecting Humana One Insurance means selecting peace of mind for life. Humana offers a whole range of PPO and high deductible plans. Here the customers are given the choice of the deductibles they like and the premium they are able to pay. Based on this, insurance coverage is provided. Therefore you pay only for what you want unlike some plans where you have to pay for something you don’t want. You can further customise your plan with the extras available along with your plan at an additional cost.
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