Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas popular throughout the US as BCBSTX was founded by Dr Justin Ford Kimball in the year 1929 as a hospital pre payment plan. It was started as a nonprofit hospital pre payment plan.

In 1936 after its accuiqisition, it was licensed under Health Care Service Corporation based in Texas with its head office in Chicago. It has extended its service similar to that in Texas in Illinois, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico, and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma.

Its other subsidiaries include:

  • Fort Dearborn Life Insurance Company
  • Preferred Financial Corporation/ Colorado Banker Life Insurance Company
  • Dental network of America and a division of health care service corporation
  • A division of health care service corporation

Started in the year 1929 this company can be called one of the pioneers in the field of insurance. It has a staggering membership of 3.9 million in Texas alone. And the membership of the four states Illinois, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas goes up to 12.3 million.

Local offices across Texas do all the internal administrative work of the company like sales, service, recruitment, and management of providers, negotiations of provider arrangements etc.The Company also has full service units across the state to provide administrative services.

They combine localized knowledge with broad experience and comprehensive understanding of leading on line health insurance agencies, and are able to provide the customers with a wide range of plans, good prices and faster processing along with good customer service.

It networks in 658 hospitals which includes 51,000 physicians and medical care givers in Texas alone. Nationwide the number increases to a staggering 745,000 physicians in 6,300 hospitals.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield is immensely popular for its service and wide range of services. In 2006 it was awarded with the Texas Diabetes Council for its excellent work specially for exceeding the Texas average in all six comprehensive diabetes care measures.

It also bagged the Harvard Medical School’s department of health care policy award for its innovative approach to improving health care and follow up services across the state..It was also awarded the Thomson Med stat award for creating a state wide PPO network.

In 2007 BCBSTX’s Care Van programme won the Award from Americas Health Insurance Plans in recognition for its innovative child immunization programme.

It has also won the behavioral modification/obesity corporate champion for kid’s award from Texas Casa.Inc.

BCBSTX has also won a lot of awards and accolades for marketing and communication and for its services to members and providers.

The main aim of Blue Cross and Blue shield of Texas is to provide health insurance to individuals and a community through affordable accessible and comprehensive plans.Its mission is to provide a healthy nation.

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