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Getting great auto insurance is a prerequisite to being able to drive your car without worries about your liabilities and costs should you get into an accident. As you might imagine, each state has different requirements and the best way to get the best auto insurance to cover all your needs is to find the right insurance agent that knows the industry and is licensed and understands the regulations in each state including the one where you live.

Insurance Care Direct Knows

The best place to start and end your search for auto insurance is right here at Insurance Care Direct. These are people with a proven track record in the health insurance industry and a dedication and commitment to treating all of their clients like family regardless of their insurance needs.

And like anything else they do that pertains to other types of affordable health insurance, the professionals here want to see you get the best auto policy that you can. As well, they understand that knowledge is power and to that end they’ve put together a glossary of auto insurance terms that will help the client partner with their Insurance Care Direct agent to make the logical cost efficient choice in auto insurance.

Different Coverage and Terms

One of the most commonly heard terms when it comes to automobile insurance is collision coverage. In many ways this is just what it sounds like in that this is the amount that a company will pay to have your car replaced or repaired. At the beginning of the coverage period, the insured person will be asked if they want to include a deductible. It’s important to remember that in many states collision coverage is not mandatory although it comes in quite handy in the unfortunate circumstance where you get into an accident.

Comprehensive coverage

Is another term that you’ll need to be familiar with. This is the type of insurance that covers incidents that are not usually the result of a collision. Examples here include fire and theft and depending on how the client wants his policies set up, a deductible may or may not apply.


Like some of the health insurance policies, the deductible for auto insurance pertains to the amount the insured will need to pay on a claim to their comprehensive or collision coverage.

Getting the right auto insurance is as easy as getting the right insurance company behind you. When you want the firm that has a proven track record that’s built on dedication and commitment to customer satisfaction, you need to get in touch with the professionals at Insurance Care Direct.

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