Arkansas Blue Cross And Blue Shield

As the name suggests Arkansas blue cross and blue shield is an independent licensee of Blue cross and blue shield association, America’s number one insurance carriers.

It is a brand trusted by all in Arkansas. In fact it is the official insurance provider for the majority of people in Arkansas, serving approximately 1/3 of the insurance holders market.

Arkansas blue cross has health insurance plans both for the individuals and family. It also provides group insurance services. Arkansas blue cross health insurance also provides dental insurance.

Arkansas blue cross aims at providing individuals and groups seeking health insurance true value for their money in health care products, life insurance and other health related services.

It has plans that are designed to provide maximum benefit to the customer along with peace of mind and a better life in terms of quality. It is more service oriented than profit based. Its vision is to be the leading health care service provider in the whole of US through its service to the communities it serves.

In fact Arkansas blue cross and blue shield is more of a non profitable institution. Its aim is to see a healthy Arkansas. This is the only company which pays back the money collected in the way of premiums back to the customer as benefits.

The accounts show that 85% of the money collected as premium goes back to the customer in the form of claims and benefits and the other 15% is used for day to day operations and reserve fund.

This company is owned by its policy holders rather than its stock holders.

Arkansas blue cross and blue shield has two wholly owned subsidiaries that operate more than a dozen affiliates. It also operates a charitable foundation:

HMO Partners, Inc (dba health advantage) which is the state’s largest and oldest certified and federally qualified HMO.

Blue Advantage Administrators of Arkansas which administers employer health plan benefits which administers employer health plan benefits for more than 223,000 members.

Blue and You Foundation for a healthier Arkansas, which is a charitable foundation which grants Dollar 1 million annually to non profit NGO’s or governmental programmes that aim at improving the health of Arkansas.

Pinnacle Business Solution, Inc, a subsidiary but wholly owned by Arkansas blue cross that manages government contracts which include medicare and related programmes.

This company was founded in the year 1948,It has a membership of 413480 as seen in the year 2007.It has 2550 employees and networks in 115 hospitals, with medical services provided by 8,205 doctors and a whole lot of health care providers.

Arkansas blue cross and blue shield conducts business on the lines of a service provider. The member’s interest is of primary concern to the company. The company has been successful in maintaining a high degree of integrity and honesty for all these years. In fact the main concern of this company is not profit making but improvement of health care facilities and quality of life of Arkansans.

Arkansas blue cross and blue shield has been honoured with several awards for its exemplary service in this field. Some of the awards that adorn this company’s reputation are:

  • In 2004 Arkansas blue cross and blue shield was named first among the 66 blue cross licensees, nationwide in the provider data quality index.
  • Yet again in 2004 Arkansas blue cross and blue shield was named one of the top 500 innovators in information technology in the country.
  • In 2004 blue advantage administrators of Arkansas won the Arkansas Institute for performance excellence achievement award.
  • In 2005 this company won the Best of Blue Award for its federal employee program.
  • In 2006 it made it again to the top 500 list of information week for its services in the health care market.
  • In 2007 Arkansas blue cross and blue shield was one of the 23 companies nationwide to be awarded the platinum fit friendly company award. It was one of the only four companies to be awarded the community fitness innovation award of the American heart association.
  • In 2007 it also won awards for BCBS association for provider satisfaction and most improved provider service.
  • 2007 was a year of many awards and accolades. The company made it to the 2007 information weeks 500 list for its work in developing both administrative and clinical systems integration across Arkansas.

Arkansas blue cross and blue shield is not just an insurance company, it does much more than just insurance. It is based on the lines of community service and has done several noteworthy contributions for the betterment of Arkansas.

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