Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Virginia

Anthem blue cross and blue shield is considered the number one service provider in Virginia. They provide health insurance and other allied services to all classes of people. One out of every three Virginian relies on this company for their insurance requirements and similar services. It is one of the most popular insurance carriers in the US, with branches in almost all the states.

What make it this popular are its unique and comprehensive insurance plans and an excellent back. For the past 60 years anthem has been the number one in this field in Virginia.

Anthem has a team of dedicated personnel who believe in improving the lives of their customers as well as the community. They come up with perfect solutions for the health insurance needs of their customers. In fact they have a horde of health insurance plans and policies which may suit the need of different individuals.

Blue cross and blue shield health insurance of Virginia offers its customers quite a few health plans to choose from. They have traditional PPO, HMO, and CDHP which are designed to meet the needs of employees, employers, individuals and families and individuals eligible for medicare.

This company has comprehensive plans which cover dental protection, insurance for vision problems and life disability coverage. It has a special plan for the coverage of behavioral health. In fact they have incorporated the 360 health management programme, which is a popular benefit plan which includes preventive care, health improvement and health care co ordination.

It has a membership of 35 million nationwide. Its parent company is ranked by the fortune magazine as the 10 most admire3d health care companies in the last 6 years. Like all health insurance companies community service is upheld here.

Support is extended to the uninsured to access care at a subsidized rate. It also holds seminars and talks to spread awareness and educate people about cancer and heart disease which are the two major killers in the U S. They have also come up with certain programmes which promote a healthy life style and better management of terminal illness.

Their contribution to the society includes:

  • A contribution of dollar 10 million to the Virginia association of free clinics, since 1993.  With an aim to provide free medical services to those who cannot afford it.
  • Sponsorship of community service day to serve the local communities.
  • They organize THE Anthem Lemon Aid stands to collect funds for kids fighting the deadly killer disease, cancer. 750 stands raised more than51,00000 to help fund the cause of pediatric cancer.
  • They sponsor other community well being programmes like heart walks, to support the American heart association to fight against heart disease. And other fund raising events.

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield is the number one health insurance provider in Virginia and provide a wide range of services to its customers. It is named the number one insurance provider in Virginia, and has a huge clientele.

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