Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Hampshire

Anthem is a subsidiary of Well Point Inc. family which covers 35 million medical members in 14 states through its blue cross and blue shield operations. The company has over 42,000 associates nationwide. It is the largest publicly traded commercial health benefit company in the US. Though the headquarters is in Indiana, it has a host of members in all states including 700 in Manchester, New Hampshire where it has been located since 1993.

It networks in over 26 hospitals with services provided by over 1400 primary health care physicians and 2300 specialists. The members also get access to medical facilities worldwide through the Blue Cross and Blue Shield network.

In New Hampshire it trades under the name of Anthem health plans of New Hampshire. It is very popular and has a membership of 608,886 members in New Hampshire alone.

Anthem health plans of Hampshire have a team of dedicated staff who provide very good service to its customers, and the backup is excellent too. The usual services like selection and processing of policies and all issues that come up are dealt with very professionally

Anthem has won several awards and recognitions for its excellent service to its members and for its community development programmes.

  • It is ranked among the nation’s top 50 health plan promoter by NCQA and U S News and World report.
  • Anthem blue cross and blue shield in New Hampton has attained excellent accreditation status by national committee of quality assurance. Excellent is the highest rating available for managed care plans or providers of high levels of health care.
  • Fortune magazine has ranked Anthems parent company number 2 in the most admired rankings in health care sector.
  • In addition to all these accolades Angela Braly, President and CEO of this company was named one of the 50 most powerful women in business which is ample proof for the popularity of this company through the nation.
  • Like all its subsidiaries this company has a commitment to improve or help the underprivileged in the community. The community welfare programmes initiated and supported by this company are mentioned below.
  • It contributes nearly dollar 1 million annually for the New Hampshire immunization programme.
  • It is the founding member of the New Hampshire charitable foundation corporate fund and New Hampshire business of social responsibility Which is a nonprofit organization or subsidiary of the company. It provides services towards the betterment of the community.

Anthem has products and plans to suit all classes of people.  It is so comprehensive that it has a plan or a policy, for whatever your need may be. All this backed by excellent service towards its customers, makes it a household name and the most popular player in this field.

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