Affiliate Program

Ways to make money by promoting ICD

Join our Referral Program now and promote ICD, and we’ll give you up to 12% of what we earn for a year for each lead you refer! The ICD Referral Program is currently available exclusively to ICD affiliates, so join us today, take the hassle out of your content monetization, and add an additional revenue stream with no extra effort by promoting ICD services.

Disclosure Badges

Use our Disclosure Badge on your site and earn 12% commission (limited offer!)

Sign-up and add one of our Disclosure Badges to your site and for a limited period only, we’ll pay you 12% of our earnings from sites you refer to us for up to one year. With new FTC Guidelines requiring disclosure of any paid affiliations on your site, we’d like to offer a way to help you to disclose how you earn from links and open a new revenue stream at the same time! Choose from a range of different designs, each includes a handy disclosure pop-up and start earning a higher than standard referral commission.


Link to ICD on your site and earn 10% commission

Interested in reviewing ICD? You can also earn through our referral program when you link to our site. We’ll give you 10% of our earnings all monetized leads that sign up for any health plan, and we can even give you tips on how to do this via Twitter and other social media platforms so you can make the most of your reach.

Referral Banners

Use our Referral Banners on your site and earn 12% commission (limited offer!)

Want to recommend ICD on your industry resource site or affiliate marketing blog or forum? We understand it’s not always possible to have ICD installed in these environments, so to make sure you don’t miss out, we’ve produced some snazzy ICD banners for you (without the disclosure pop-up). Add them to your site and earn 12% of what ICD earns on every site that signs-up to our service.

Our referral program

  • We give you up to 12% of what we earn for sites you refer to ICD
  • Disclosure Badges help you tell users about how you earn from affiliate links and comply with FTC guidelines
  • Zero set-up cost, 100% incremental revenue to your business
  • Everyone’s talking about ICD, so your recommendation could have a great response from your users
  • Earn commissions for a whole year for each site referred

Why Insurance Care Direct

  • Helps all online publishers earn money from their content
  • Create more links, more easily and earn more with ICD
  • We convert your natural links into affiliate links for you
  • One commission cheque, detailed reporting and more…

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